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Silky Rice Polisher

    Features Of Silky Rice Polisher
  • A higher qualities of cleaned products
  • Higher Commercial Value
  • Longer Storage Life
  • Generator less broken
  • Overdrived rice will gain weight after shining/Conditioning
  • Lower Power requirement
  • Compact Design, Easy to operate & maintain.
  • Suitable for processing long & short grains new & old rice & Basmati rice.

GSI Silky Rice polisher machine produces a better appealing rice kernals with silky looks finish. The humid controlled air curves correct the surface defect and give a better yield with minimum weight loss.


One of the most significant feature of Indian rice is its length , wither it may be basmati , or. Indian preference will always be oriented towards the long basmati type look of the rice . Now a days many vertical & high speed poli- sheers of different makers are there in Indian market but the most suitable technology for Indian conditions is only the cone polisher theory .


After paddy separation , the brown rice is fed to the polishers for the removal of Outer bran layer . An abrasion process does the polishing . Generally 2 , 3 or 4 polishers in series are there in process . The no. & size of polishers used are determined for the kind & variety of brown rice . The profitability & viability of a rice mill largely depends upon the working of polishing section . The objective of the rice miller is to obtain the maximum percentage of the full rice with a minimum percentage of broken and removal of lesser brine& the desire shine &lustre of rice .


  • Long cone body .
  • Heavy duty cast iron construction .
  • Very less cake formation due to large screen area .
  • Suitable raw milling as well as for parboiling rice .