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Paddy cleaner

Pre Cleaners or paddy cleaner are used for seiving paddy and other grains to make them free of dust, stones and straws. Manufactured with single Blower or Double Blower with double deck chalna, magnetic type size 18" to 60" having capacity to clean 500kg To 6000 kg of paddy per hour. Also manufactured in special version for parboiling units with one blower and one aspiration box of a 48 inches with three and a half deck chalna which cleans the paddy upto 99.9%. This model has been improved and modified and has become eco - friendly.

The rotary grain separator is exclusively designed for cleaning activity of all types of seeds, cereals for milling plants. It removes impurities such as bigger size stones, straws, immature grain, iron particles, sand. Grain separator is suitable for any type of grain ( PADDY, WHEAT, DHAL, SOYA & SPICES). Lighter weight particles and dust thoroughly lifted by aspiration chamber.