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Paddy Parboiling Plants

FEATURES OF Paddy Parboiling Plants

  • Batch system, open tank without pressure
  • Batch system, open tank with pressure
  • Continuous pressure cooking system in vertical cooker or horizontal belt cooker
  • Brown rice parboiling
  • Laboratory parboiling system for research and test run
  • Low energy consumption due to efficient design of blowers & elevators
  • Higher percentage of recovery of rice .
  • Uniform steaming of paddy made possible by steam distribution system in tanks .
  • Factory fitted , assembled plant in fully bolting & folding construction .
  • Lowest losses due to spillage&dropping of grain during process .
  • Total uniform quality of paddy in terms of cooking & drying.
  • Two water tanks are provided overhead as cold water easy to lift .
  • Constant research &development of products by team of engineers & feed back of customers .
  • Minimized hidden cost as items within our scope are supplied & arranged by us .
  • Minimized time taken during installation as 90% of material is manufactured in our factory
  • Low labour work force required in running the unit as most of the operations are automatic .
  • No spillage as the increased height of plant ensures better flow taper to wet paddy