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About Us

G.S. International is the ultimate destination where you can avail all type of Rice Machines. The company is actively engaged in the Manufacturing, Supplying and Exporting of Rice Machines like Rice Processing Plant, Automatic Rice Mill Plant and many more. The company established in 1970 by S. Hari Singh Bhullar. Who comes in industrial sector 1968 and Now their sons S. Gurjeet Singh and Prabhjot Singh successfully business installed by them G.S. Internnational is the manufacturers of Rice Mills and parboiling & Drying Plants sight performance and standardized parts.

G.S. International is the first manufacturer of Rice Mills on engineered approach, comprehensive planning right performance and standardised parts. We have an option to start feed paddy from right hand or from left hand. Uncleaned paddy which has metallic objects, stones or any other impurity is cleaned by the preliminary, pneumatic and cyclonised paddy cleaner. Cleaned paddy is fed in an overhead paddy bin, which distributes it into rubber roll dehuskers and is shelled upto 90% - 95%.

We depute our engineers to visit our supplied machinery, After putting the mill in operation 2/3 times with in warranty period and generally every year to know and remove any difficulty.

G.S. International installed more than 1250 plants and that plants are running successfully all over India and abroad every machine is planned, fabricated and manufactured in different sections.

G.S. Internationalis backed by an experience of about 35 years by the engineer founder and excellent experienced staff. The old mother machine are always replaced by modernised one’s from time to time. G.S. International gives national products of international standards. G.S. International Is approved by the PUNJAB STATE COUNCIL FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY.

G.S. International is a well established brand in India and the most trusted in the states of Punjab , Haryana, Jammu, Assam, panipat, sonipat , Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Karnal , Gurgaon, Kolkata and Bangalore. The fame of our company doesn't end here, G.S has excelled in Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan for its quality and customer care.